Solo exhibition “Beastial Game” 2019


The exhibition explores human relationship with the inevitable change ahead. The sculptures depict various totemic animals and birds coming in contact with air bombs, rockets and mines. Bombs and other combat equipment symbolize the force of change that exists in any situation or structure from the beginning of its existence. The relationships and insecurities that form based on refusal to accept imminent change, underlie the existence of modern global militarism. Deliberate cultivation of fear and mutual distrust in transnational politics, inviting the public to spend on military needs all around the world, is an evident reality.

The idea to explore this topic came to the artist while visiting Tokyo at a time where the current US-North Korean relations were at their lowest point.  The United States threatened North Korea, North Korea threatened the US and in Japanese capital Tokyo’s streets missile equipment was placed in case North Korea fired its nuclear weapons targeting Japan. Nations look for sinister enemies to justify repurposing ever-growing proportions of money to the development of new, more destructive weapons. In a global world, where superpowers sit on heaps of weapons that can wipe humanity off the face of Earth, armament is a BEASTIAL GAME.

Solo exhibition “A. Bikse’s fight with the void” 2019

Exhibition hall in Latgale embassy GORS, Rezekne, Latgale

Comprised of works representing different time periods and themes, this exhibition communicates the author’s reflections on various personal and sociopolitical processes, The compilation illuminates an individual’s inner world and its boundaries while simultaneously attempting to solve personal issues and questioning their relevance.

The exhibition draws attention to the importance of human activity as context-specific – it is determined by situation and perspective. At a given moment a person may be very proud of himself/herself while the following moment he/she might understand it is worth nothing. The human is then overwhelmed with sadness brought by a realisation that the path to fulfilment is more complex than initially intended or quite different in its essence.

Overestimating oneself may eventually lead to a realisation of one’s insignificance in a broader context. These fluctuations, the sum of which is likely to be zero – emptiness. The void that frees from assumptions and imagination.

We build assumptions and concepts only to take them apart and build new ones in order to create our model of the world as harmonious as possible.

Photo: Andrejs Vasjukevičs