Aigars Bikše

photo: F64


2000 Art Academy of Latvia, Master in external studies
1993 Art Academy of Latvia, Bachelor studies

Selected art projects:


* Public space sculpture work Two “Rainis” near The National Library of Latvia, Riga, Latvia

* Solo exhibition Touch, gallery Daugava, Riga, Latvia

* Manila Biennale, Manila, The Philippines


* Rikuzentakata Artist In Residence program, Rikuzentakata, Japan


* Saitama Triennale, Saitama, Japan


* Venice Biennale, Italy

* Environment installation The Girl with the Shoe, Riga, Latvia


* Solo Exhibition Infecting The Truth, gallery Daugava, Riga, Latvia

* Environment installation Monument Wars, Sculpture Quadrennial, Riga, Latvia


* Rauma Biennial Balticum, Finland


* Solo exhibition The Time will save the History, gallery Mâksla XO, Riga, Latvia. Curator Ilze Zeivate
* Queen of Emptiness in the Golden Works, exhibition hall Arsenals, Riga, Latvia
* A Bloodcurdling show of truth and revelation Who is not a sheep in here? during
White Nights 2010 festival in Riga, “Survial Kit” program
* What remains still if everything moves? for the contemporary literature and art exhibition The train hasn’t left yet railway station Imanta, Riga, Latvia


* Art object in Riga city center Two minute cycle of historical justice, Riga, Latvia.
Curator Solvita Krese and Inese Baranovska – Contemporary Art Center of Latvia
* Everybody to referendum! the poltical administration of Latvia in the post-colonial
period 2010-2022 in Lucky Art Museum, Riga, Latvia; group show “Autumn 2009”


* Choice of Idealist. Cultuurpark Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Exhibition “Homo Urbanus – Homo Sapiens?”; curator Inese Baranovska
* The Incredible Adventures of The USA Flag in Latvia or Birds of a Feather Flock
Together, Akniste secondary school, Akniste, Latvia


* To all who have sacrificed their time to save the virtual world, Riga 57th secondary
school, Riga, Latvia
* Internal Exchange, Project Esanze/Exchange, Karosta, Liepaja, Latvia
* Object Help Point, Aomori City College, Japan.
* Group exhibition in Aomori Contemporary Art Centre. Japan. Project “The obvious but
unbelievable adventures of the good Latvians and Japanese in the end of the
18th century”
* Participation in Lodz biennale. Poland. Project “A hand heater for students of
higher educational institutions in the cold time of a year”


* Participation in Echigo Tsumari trianal. Japan. Curator Fram Kitagava. Project
“Some good things from Latvia for some good people in far-away Japan”.
* Group exhibition in Jûrmala city museum “PROGNOZES TAGATNEI”


* “Collective sense”. Work in exhibition “Exchange”, Renne, France within the
framework of the culture festival “Surprising Latvia”
* Resistance in Kilmactigue. Work in project “Sense in Place”, in gallery of
Sligo city, Ireland
* “Pinkhouse” Generation Europe pavilion in Venice biennale 2005
Co-project together with artist Kristaps Gulbis
* Hand Heater for University Students, University of Agriculture Jelgava Latvia
* Group exhibition, Stilla Kaos, Rydals Museum, Sweden


* Scenography for dramatic show “Asperna vestules” in Latvian Drama Theatre,
director Peteris Krilovs.
* 1/10 of Mother Earth’s Office; object in Klusa Street 2, dedicated to the main
cemetery of Riga city
* Participation in the International Stone Sculpture Symposium in Ventspils, Latvia
* Group exhibition in Lorean, France


* Environment object “Space of Resistance”; Wyrnvi sculpture park; UK
* Scenography for the concert of youth choirs; the 23. Latvian Song Festival;
organized by government agency Latvian Folk Art Center; directed by V.Liepins
* Group exhibition “International Symposium of Bronze Sculpture” in Riga Gallery
* Art object “Disloyal Heart” for the Closing Ceremony of Fantasy Film Festival;
organized by International Film Forum “Arsenals”
* Art object “Is Riga ready yet?” in Riga city channel. Curator Elina Duce;
Sponsor Department of Culture of the Riga City Council
* Investigation visits in Berlin, Paris, London, Copenhagen, Oslo, Prague
* Scenography for dramatic show “Keriet kertos” in Latvian DaileTheatre, directors
O.Saposnikov un J.J.Jillinger
* Scenography for dramatic show “Dzelzszale” in Latvian National Theatre;
director P.Krilovs


* Investigation visits in Tallin, Copenhagen, Petersburg, Vilnius, Stockholm
* Scenography for operetta “Siksparnis” Latvian National opera; director G.Isakjan
* Scenography for dramatic show “Meistars Aleksandrs” in the Daile Theatre;
director P.Krilovs
* Group exhibition in Bremen City Gallery; curator I.Rinke (participates S.Krastina,
O.Petersons, A.Breze, O.Tilbergs, S.Malina, K.Neiburga, I.Blumbergs a.o.)
* Group exhibition “Pjucer” Latvian Art Museum “Arsenals”, curator
D.Barcevska. (M.Blanks, A.Vitolins, a.o.)
* Project of grave monument for artist Karlis Freibergs


* Scenography for dramatic show “Sfinksa” in Latvian National Theatre; directors
E.Freibergs and R.Vaivars
* Annual group exhibition “Rudens”; organized by Latvian Artists Union
* Group exhibition “Identitity” in “Riga Gallery”; curator I.Rinke
(O.Petersons, A.Breze, O.Tilbergs, a.o.)
* Participation in Latvian exposition “Identity-contemporary reality”; exhibition
“Art Moscow” in Moscow; curator I.Rinke
* Group exhibition “Safety of Baltic” in Sweden, Arland airport;
curator H.Demakova.


* Residence in France, Lorean Art and Residence Center
* International Art Symposium “Bridge” in Zvartava; organized by Latvian Artists Union
* Scenography for dramatic show “Dons Juan” in Daile Theatre; director J.J.Jillinger
* Participation in exhibition “Riga Sculpture Quadrennial 2000”; organized by
Latvian Artists Union
* Art object “Seven Suns Over Competition” in Latvian Art Museum; curator D.Barcevska


* Solo exhibition “Collaborationists’ Summer” in Gallery “Daugava”, Riga
* Group exhibition in Gallery of Latvian Artists Union, Riga
* Exhibition “[duali:tet]” in Odense Culture and Art Center, with Japanese artist
Nishi Masaaki
* Residence in Odense; Nordic Contemporary Art Residence Center; curator Sonja Viik
* Pavilion of Latvia for EXPO 2000 Hanover; elaboration
* Participation in exhibition “Sculptors for Riga”; Organized by Agency “Riga 800”


* Group exhibition “Balzams” Gallery “M-6”, Riga (K.Zuters, L.Bikse, K.Rubine)
* Residence in Paris, Art Residence Center, France
* Pavilion of Latvia for EXPO 98 Lisbon; elaboration


* Pavilion of Latvia for EXPO 98 Lisbon; concept presentation and exhibition in
gallery “M-6”, Riga
* Scenography for dramatic show “Rozmarys child”; Riga New Theatre; director G.Smits
* Participation in exhibition “Riga 800 Contemporary Art”; curator I.Baranovska
* Participation in International Symposium of Wood Sculpture in Riga; curator G.Burvis
* Participation in annual exhibition “Opera” in Riga; organized by Soros Contemporary
Art Center – Riga
* Art object “Impossible cleanliness”, Tornu Street, Riga
* Participation in International Symposium of Wood Sculpture, Liepaja. Curator G.Burvis


* Group exhibition “Christmas Photo Gallery”; Gallery “Bastejs”; curator B.Morkane
(I.Heinrihsons, F.Kirke, O.Petersons, A.Heinrihsone, A.Zarina, a.o.)
* Group exhibition “Latvian Art” in Tallinn National Library, Estonia; curator
I.Baranovska (G.Pantelejevs, O.Silova, J.Mitrevics, I.Blumbergs, I.Iltnere, a.o.)
* Solo exhibition “Necessary Vitality” in gallery “M-6”, curator H.Demakova
* Participation in annual exhibition “Geo-Geo” in Pedvale; organized by Soros
Contemporary Art Center – Riga


* Solo exhibition “Women and fishes”; Gallery “Bastejs”, Riga
* Participation in annual exhibition “Monument” in Riga; organized by Soros
Contemporary Art Center – Riga
* Group exhibition in Jurmala ( L.Bikse, G.Pantelejevs, O.Silova)


* Art object “Boat” in seashore Majori-Bulduri, Jurmala
* Solo exhibition “Bathing in Gold”; gallery “Centrs”, Riga


* Group exhibition in Lithuania: Kaunas, Vilnius, Panevezys (A.Virtmanis, Z.Berzina,
M.Fisers, J.Vinkelis, A.Fridbergs)


* Annual group exhibition “Rudens”; organized by Latvian Artists Union


* Group exhibition in Cesis (G.Felsbergs, I.Jurjane, L.Danilevska)


* Group exhibition in Liepaja (Z.Berzina, V.Kaulaca)

Curator activities:

2004-2008 Curator of the International Riga Sculpture Quadrennial 2008,
in collaboration with Kristaps Gulbis
2002-2004 Curator of the International Riga Sculpture Quadrennial 2004 “European Space”,
in collaboration with Kristaps Gulbis

Premiums and Awards:

2003 First award in competition “Monument for Francis Trasuns”, architect I.Liepina;
organized by Latgale culture society of Rezekne
2003 Second award in competition “Monument for Oskars Kalpaks”, architect I.Liepina;
organized by “Foundation of Oskars Kalpaks Monument”
2001 Journal “Studija” reward for creativity accomplishments in exhibition “Rudens”
2000 Second award in competition “Environment object dedicated to the festivity of
Riga 800”; organized by Agency “Riga 800”
2000 First award in competition “Riga Sculpture Quadrennial 2000”; organized by
Latvian Artists Union
1999 First award in competition “Latvian pavilion for EXPO 2000 Hanover” (H.Elers,
A.Gelzis); organized by Economic Ministry of Latvia
1999 Third award in competition “Sculptors for Riga”; organized by Agency “Riga 800”
1999 Nordic Art Institute grant for residence in Odense, Denmark
1998 First award in competition “Latvian pavilion for EXPO 2000 Lisbon” (H.Elers,
E.Stendzinieks); organized by “Trade and Industry Chamber” and Economic Ministry
of Latvia
1997 Competition “Riga 800”, organized by Agency “Riga 800”; first award in contemporary
art section: prize-winner object “The Leg of Europe Community in Riga”
1997 Second award in competition “Piemineklis padomju okupâcijas gados represçtajiem”,
architect G.Kilevics; organized by Ministry of Culture and Riga City Council

Social Activities:

2001 Expert of Visual council, Latvian Ministry of Culture
2002 Expert of Visual and Photo art special-purpose program; Culture Capital Foundation
2000-2002 Expert and head of Visual and Photo art council (component of intersectional
council); Culture Capital Foundation
From 1998 Member of board of Latvian Artists Union

Work experience:

2001 Head of Visual-Plastic Art department; Art Academy of Latvia
2000 Docent; Art Academy of Latvia
2000-2001 Creative director; advertisement agency “Baltic FSB”
1998-2000 Lector; Art Academy of Latvia
1993-1998 Leader of Visual Art hobby group; Young Nature Friends center; Jurmala