Rozā māja / Pink House

Aigars Bikše, Kristaps Gulbis “Rozā māja”, darbs 51. Starptautiskajai Venēcijas mākslas biennālei, 2005

Aigars Bikše, Kristaps Gulbis “Pink House”, 2005


The multidisciplinary art project “Pink House” was presented as a collateral event of the 51st International Venice Biennale. “Pink House” was an art project organised by the Latvian artists Aigars Bike and Kristaps Gulbis, and the Center for Art Management and Information (MMIC).


Interaktīvā instalācija “Onsen”, sadarbībā ar Hayashi Yosuhiko, Rīga, Latvija, 2014

Interactive installation “Onsen”, in collaboration with Hayashi Yosuhiko (PARAMODEL), Riga, Latvia, 2014


Interactive Installation “ONSEN” was an attempt to recreate a traditional Japanese onsen, a hot volcanic pool, in the middle of Riga. The traditional infrastructure and design that is related to onsen in Japanese culture was substituted with a postmodern minimalist approach. The pool of the onsen was large 8 meters in diameter granite pool that in the summer, autumn and spring is used as a fountain. In Latvia as in the many other countries fountains are structures of power and wealth, they are displayed in the most prominent parts of town and it is not traditional for people to immerse their feet in it or other interactions with them. Interactive Installation “ONSEN” looked exceptionally good at night time, giving it a surreal look.

Project was a great example of how a part of city can change and react to injected new element in the cityscape, causing people to respond to the unexpected turn in the environment and integrating with it as a functional part of everyday life.


Pieminekļu kari / Monument Wars

Kinētiskā skulptūra “Pieminekļu kari”, Rīga, Latvija, 2014

Kinetic sculpture “Monument Wars”, Riga, Latvia, 2014


Kinetic sculpture was created for Riga culture capital of Europe 2014.

It illustrates Latvian virtues and characteristics which have developed under influence of four cultures – German, Polish, Russian and Swedish. Each sculpture represents a particular aspect of Latvian culture.

“Monument Wars” was located on the corner of Elizabete and Brivibas street, where from year 1950 till 1991 bronze monument of Lenin was located.

Sarkanais slidkalniņš / The Red Slide

Skulptūra “Sarkanais slidkalniņš”, Raumas Biennāle, 2012

Sculpture „Red slide”, Rauma Biennal, 2012


The Red Slide (2012) is constructed especially for Rauma Biennal Balticum 2012. Curator Henna Panu wrote: “The composition evokes the idea of passing war down from generation to generation, like the greatest blight of mankind that has been inevitable so far. Humans are the most disharmonious creatures on Earth. Questions about war and crisis situations caused by people do not only deal with heroism, achievement, and losses. The essence of humanity may be studied systematically through experiences of war, and hopefully the goal is improvement; reaching peaceful solutions in conflicts situations.”

Laika pavēlnieki VII / The Masters of Time VII

Skulptūra “Kentaurs Vladimirs uz Dagestānas robežas piecus gadus pirms Otrā Čečenijas kara beigām”, no izstādes “Laika pavēlnieki” galerijā “Māksla XO”, Rīga, Latvija, 2010

Sculpture “Centaur Vladimir on the border of Dagestan five years before the end of the Second Chechnya War”, from exhibition “The Masters of Time”, gallery “Māksla XO”, Riga, Latvia, 2010

Laika pavēlnieki VI / The Masters of Time VI

Skulptūra “10. klases skolēni 1. maija demonstrācijā piecus gadus pirms Atmodas”, no izstādes “Laika pavēlnieki” galerijā “Māksla XO”, Rīga, Latvija, 2010

Sculpture “Pupils of the 10th grade in the demonstration of the 1st May five years before the Awakening”, from exhibition “The Masters of Time”, gallery “Māksla XO”, Riga, Latvia, 2010

Laika pavēlnieki V / The Masters of Time V

Skulptūra “Ļeņins un latviešu kara dievs 17 gadus pirms kreiso eseru dumpja apspiešanas”, no izstādes “Laika pavēlnieki” galerijā “Māksla XO”, Rīga, Latvija, 2010

Sculpture “Lenin and the Latvian god of war 17 years before the suppression of the rebellion of the Left Esers”, from exhibition “The Masters of Time”, gallery “Māksla XO”, Riga, Latvia, 2010