ASV karoga neticamie piedzīvojumi Latvijā / Incredible Adventures Of The USA Flag In Latvia

Instalācija “ASV karoga neticamie piedzīvojumi Latvijā” jeb “Labs labu nemaitā?”, Aknīstes vidusskola, Latvija, 2008.

Installation “Incredible Adventures Of The USA Flag In Latvia” or “Birds Of A Feather Flock Together”, Aknīste Secondary School, Latvia, 2008.


In July 2006 Madlen Olbrait sent a letter to the President of the Republic of Latvia Vaira Vike-Freiberga. She asked to cancel the prohibition to sell Coca-cola products in Latvian schools.

Madlen Olbrait as the State Secretary of the USA has been in work relations with the President of the republic of Latvia. The State Secretary of the USA has received many requests to support and help Latvia.

Former USA State Secretaries also need to earn money. However global business and politics “wash together”, creating impression of unethical process. Is this kind of activity acceptable to the majority of world’s population?

A tapestry hand-woven in accordance with old Latvian traditions and resembling the USA flag was dipped into Coca-cola liquid. A wooden stall was hand-carved by masters in Latvia for this purpose. The project took place in a small school in the countryside of Latvia. For two months the tapestry washed in Coca-cola and the process of this mingling could be seen online in a project webpage.